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God on Google Earth

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Sometime in 2010, people around the world went “God crazy” when Google Earth supposedly had taken a “snapshot” of “divine beings” while crossing a mountain zone in Switzerland. There’s no definite answer, of course, but the buzz it created was testament to how the entire online community could get excited over a blurry photo, like they do with pictures of cats. Believe it or not.

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Mirror Google

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This fun Google trick simply displays a mirror image of everything you might see when doing a search on Google.

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Google Hacker

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Those who are familiar with the so-called language of hackers (1337 5p3@k or “leet speak”) may love using this Google trick to amuse haxor pals or confound the squares. Sure, the trick isn’t much trickier than  swapping letters for moderately analogous numbers or ASCII characters — e.g. “G” becomes “6″, “E” becomes “3″, “N” becomes “||”, etc — But it’s still fun symbol-play, and still somehow feels like a secret language, despite that we all now w00t every time we are overcome with joy.

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Rainbow Google

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Like a handful of the other Fun Google Tricks included in this list, this third-party website that has no official affiliation with Google but only offers its two cents in letting people experience the search engine in a delightful way. If you like colors, this site delivers it—although it may remind you more of the internet circa early-1990's, with all its animated GIFs.

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